Selma's Vino Advice- Featuring Gracianna Sauvignon Blanc

If you are a social butterfly like myself, you may be finding yourself going a little crazy without being able to see your friends and family during this time. You may also miss unwinding after a long week with a nice bottle of wine. However, just because we need to stay away from the people we love most, it does not mean we can’t still enjoy each other’s company (virtually) with a few glasses of wine. And in case you happen to find yourself not knowing which wine to buy because normally you ask for help or you have an awesome friend to lean on, not to worry! We will be here to help you with your wine selection that is affordable and obtainable during this time. Each week, we will feature a wine bottle that we recommend for your virtual gatherings and we will do our best to keep you and your wallets happy!

For our first recommendation, I want to share with you a crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from my favorite local winery. This must-try wine is from Gracianna Winery, a small family-owned winery located in the Russian River Valley.  It is sold for $28 and is available for purchase online at They can ship wine to almost every state in the US and the nice thing about buying directly from them is that you will be helping a small business that has to remain closed during this difficult time. 

Gracianna symbolizes everyday gratitude and it is during challenging times like these that we must stay positive and I can't think of a better way than with some vino and some familiar faces! Cheers!


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  • Love this! Thank you for sharing – looking forward to your next installment! :)

    Stephanie Kay

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